unsustainable living conditions

Environmental Degradation

(We need)

  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Clean Water
  • Clean upper layer of soil
  • Protect Forests.
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Aspects of Poverty


  • Unhealthy Competition
  • Crime & Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Insecurity
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Violance & Terrorism

(Influencing Factors)

  • Intellectual "poisoning"
  • Economic & Political
  • Social & Religious
  • Cultural and Moral perversions

Causes for Climate Change


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Sustaining something or somebody means: to support, to bear the weight, to keep alive or in existence or to keep going, especially for a long period. Sustainability or sustainable living conditions may be defined as the existence of favourable conditions that assure all people of a decent and comfortable life forever, with all the reasonable necessities. Favourable conditions can be defined as the prevalence of conditions that assure people of the capacity to procure all the necessities with normally accepted efforts and without hurting Nature more than its ability to regenerate and without leaving anything beyond the

ability of Nature to neutralize. Sustainability has two components: the supporter and the supported. Our motherly planet, the Earth, supports and sustains all the diverse life forms of millions of species. But the life-supportive resources of Earth have limits. If given opportunities, every one of these millions of species can proliferate to occupy the whole planet. Yet Nature manages them in such a way that the various species are used as controllers and facilitators of other species and thus make life liveable and sustainable for all. If left undisturbed, Nature can protect and sustain every species and take it toward eternity.


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Pollution is a real curse which directly sickens every living being and the host planet and indirectly threatens them through GW and CC. Yet we are the only species to create it in vast quantities and in unnatural ways. Pollution causes diseases ranging from simple irritation, inflammation, and allergic reactions to even cancer of almost every part of us, from the most exposed skin to the most protected brain. The physical and chemical effects of it are many—like destroying the ozone layer, acidification of sea water, global warming, and many more. Further, the menace of non-biodegradable materials is also great.

Global Warming

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People from relatively poor rural regions (with too many HIFs) try to mitigate their deficits by destroying vast areas of nearby forests and other green covers and promote GW. In contrast, the upwardly moved people living in urban regions pollute indiscriminately in many ways and thereby promote GW. They, too, do it to fulfill their very huge deficits. The deficits of those rural people are mostly related to life-supporting resources like fertile lands and water. The deficits of urban people are many; but the major deficit is energy.

They need vast quantities of energy even for normal and idle living, and the quantities are enormous to fulfill their breadwinning, economic activities. At last, both the rural and urban population contributes to GW.

Cancer of the planet earth

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Everyone knows the notoriety, pain, and fatality of fast-growing cancer. Because of its harsh consequences, cancer is also called malignancy, and it attracts the most urgent attention and "emergency " treatment. Like cancer tissues, which outgrow their limits at the expense of the other tissues and host, the human race has outgrown sensible levels and continues to grow to enormous size at the expense of other life forms and our host, Mother Nature, or Planet Earth. Like cancer, the human race inflicts painful and fatal harms to cohabitants and to the very planet on which humanity is dependent-Earth. Cancer is the fast growth of a particular "species" of tissue without any purpose.
Similarly, the human species grows too fast, like cancer cells, without any worthy purpose. Cancer cells grow fast because they defy the controlling mechanisms. Similarly, humans, too, have overcome the controlling mechanisms of Nature and grow recklessly. Cancer tissue “sucks” and over-uses nutrition meant for other tissues, and grows fast. Such stealing devitalizes other useful tissues, which weakens the patient. Similarly, mankind has usurped vast quantities of space and resources meant for others—the many plants, animals, birds, insects, and useful microbes—and is devitalizing them and even has exterminated many of them permanently. All this devitalizes Nature’s mechanisms to ensure healthy sustainable living for all. Cancer cells generate vast quantities of metabolic waste and create abnormal chemicals, like irrelevant hormones or proteins, which injure other normal tissues and affect their functioning and cause related symptoms like pain and fever, and those related to a particular organ’s dysfunction or damage. Similarly, fast-breeding humans create huge amounts of “polluting wastes” like greenhouse gases, dangerous chemicals, non-biodegradable substances, etc., which upset the functions of many ecosystems and harm many life forms, and at last cause GW—similar to fever—and CC, which simulate serious symptoms like delirium and seizures.

Solution- What can be done

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The aim of this book is to enlighten the world on the real starting point of the evils we live with (creating unsustainable families) and the only solution (creating sustainable families) that ends them. These facts appear to be too simple and often make me wonder why humanity has failed to end the evils. Most humans are prudent enough to find a solution when they have a wholesome understanding of a problem.

So when mankind, especially the suffering poor people, understands HIF(Huge Insatiable Family), HPD(High Population Density), and the way they created the ills and evils, they certainly appreciate the importance and efficacy of PSCHHF and accept it. But imprudent handling of these affairs denies the affected people the opportunity to learn the facts and so worsens the situation further as is happening now. Until the poorest of the poor understand the various aspects of deficits, the situation will continue to worsen.