global sustainability

Environmental Degradation

(We need)

  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Clean Water
  • Clean upper layer of soil
  • Protect Forests.
climate change global warming

Aspects of Poverty


  • Unhealthy Competition
  • Crime & Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Insecurity
facts about climate change

Violance & Terrorism

(Influencing Factors)

  • Intellectual "poisoning"
  • Economic & Political
  • Social & Religious
  • Cultural and Moral perversions

How to Download

climate change journal

Author’s desire is to see the world as a happy, peaceful and hopeful place for mankind and for all the other species. Intellectuals who have grasped his ideas say that these alone can save humanity and the vitality of Earth. So these truths must reach remote regions. Everyone who wishes to see a better tomorrow can download the PDF-book. And can also give it to any person anywhere in the world and even can print and publish it. Those who have the means and facilities to pay can donate US$2 (two) or more for the success of this mission and others can postpone or forget payment with no qualm.

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global warming and climate change


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Give Yourself A Sane Happy World

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global warming and climate change

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climate change effects

Climate Change, Untold Truths and the Ultimate Solution


The American Edition of the book is available on
Those who want the one published in India can send US $ 6 - Price and forwarding cost - and intimate the author through E-mail.