climate change books

Environmental Degradation

(We need)

  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Clean Water
  • Clean upper layer of soil
  • Protect Forests.
solutions for climate change

Aspects of Poverty


  • Unhealthy Competition
  • Crime & Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Insecurity
sustainability defined

Violance & Terrorism

(Influencing Factors)

  • Intellectual "poisoning"
  • Economic & Political
  • Social & Religious
  • Cultural and Moral perversions

Welcome to "Consequential Truths related to Climate Change"

global sustainability

We can successfully manage not only climate change but also the other man-made evils such as poverty, unemployment, crime, terrorism, corruption, pollution, environmental degradation, etc. and others torturing humanity and our host planet Earth, if the truths related to sustainable living explained in the book, Climate Change, Untold Truths and the Ultimate Solution” are heeded and put into practice. The author exposes that secret through this book, which explains the what, why and how of the above evils and the disturbing diverse happenings around the globe.

It explains the limitations of Nature, how mankind created unsustainable living condition by breaking those limits, how they "defeated" unsustainability by recruiting dangerous monsters such as hazardously polluting fossil fuel, genetically and technologically modified food and a variety of new "jobs", etc. Further elucidates how these acts created the above mentioned evils which directly or indirectly facilitated global warming and climate change.
Mankind couldn't eradicate those evils despite huge spending because they failed to control the situations which brought about unsustainable living condition. Contrary to the common belief and the bad experiences the author assures that ending those evils is a very simple matter, which he explains in this book.