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Environmental Degradation

(We need)

  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Clean Water
  • Clean upper layer of soil
  • Protect Forests.
solutions for climate change

Aspects of Poverty


  • Unhealthy Competition
  • Crime & Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Insecurity
sustainability defined

Violance & Terrorism

(Influencing Factors)

  • Intellectual "poisoning"
  • Economic & Political
  • Social & Religious
  • Cultural and Moral perversions

Book Details

Prevalent Truths and the Promise

global sustainability

Observant people must have observed, experienced and heard of changing climate pattern and its impact around the world. However, we also have people who deny or trivialize Global Warming (GW) and its effect Climate Change (CC). Practicing the ideas discussed in the book “Climate Change, Untold Truths and the Ultimate Solution” will make both these parties happy by making the world a wonderful place to live in with happiness, peace and hope.

Missed Truths

No human can deny the harms of pollution, forest destruction, poverty, unemployment, crime, corruption, violence, hate campaign, terrorism, mass uprising, environmental degradation and other evils. We must understand that no one wished to perpetrate those evils; but close scrutiny says that they commit such acts in order to make good some of the deficits they have created. It is a truth that the evolution of those evils has a directly proportional relationship to the deficits people create through unsustainable families, reckless population growth and unsustainable economy related activities. It is another truth that human beings do not cause CC directly. Their unacceptable acts listed above, directly or indirectly, warm atmosphere. Temperature changes obey the laws of nature (physics) and bring about unusual torrential rains, droughts, hurricanes, snow fall, etc. which we call CC.

The Solution

The costly efforts through Kyoto Protocol, those since Copenhagen meet and other regional policies have not brought any worthy result because we never gave importance to the ultimate point, from where on people started creating deficits by turning sustainable living into unsustainable living. Hence the responsible people made wrong approaches against GW and CC and also against the other evils mentioned. Hence, while fighting evils the basic fault remained undisturbed and caused more deficits and more evils. This book reveals why and how people are "forced" into those evils, how we can scale down those events and how those evils tormenting humanity and our only host Planet Earth will face natural decline.